The Big D or Dallas if you like is a city that’s got it all. A melting pot of arts and culture as well as sport, Dallas has become one of the most attractive places to live in the Lone Star state.

For many people, navigating the internet in search of the perfect real estate can be overwhelming especially when seeking a property that meets a specific need. In this article, we will discuss the Dallas top neighborhoods in 2022 that are ideal to set down family roots. 

These neighborhoods are:

  1. Uptown Dallas
  2. Lakewood
  3. Preston Hollow
  4. M Streets
  5. Highland Park

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Down in central Texas, we have an extended network of parks to analyze the broad spectrum of wildlife and enjoy the state's natural beauty. Texas holds many of the best state parks to visit in the United States. The landscape interchanges so much from one area to another that you will discover woodland, marshes, canyons, sand dunes, and lakes. Most of these parks are encountered less than 69 miles from Austin, making them superb for a weekend camping trip or a day off. All of the state parks have their unique histories and qualities. Whether it's skywatching parties on stunning Enchanted Rock, winding hiking trails in the Lost Pines, visiting the residence of former President Lyndon B. Johnson, or swimming and hiking around one of the myriad rivers and…

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Houston is a crowded city in the southeast of Texas. Houston is ranked as the 4th largest city in the United States of America and is Texas's largest city. There are many "must-haves'' when living in High-rise with a utility-rich lifestyle. However, including amenities with green space in high-rise condos is difficult. Living near a park is a good option for people and their furry friends. Therefore, a block or two of the home needs a garden within them. The mid-rise and high-rise define the latest motion of super buildings, and those buildings redefine the sky-high supposition of the 4th largest city in the USA.

The skyline of Houston is a mixture of luxury high-rises which are established, boutique mid-rises, converted loft, and condominium…

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Are You Searching For Lake Homes In Texas?

Texas may not be known for its lakes like other states, but the North Texas area surprisingly offers several breathtaking lakes where the sights are beautiful and homes are easy to live in. You will fall in love with the surrounding areas and some of the most popular water recreations in the area.

Homes with Lake views: What to Know and Where to Buy

We will describe some lakes that you should consider while buying a home in Texas. It is said that Home is the best investment to make, but buying a home with Lakeview might be a dream for many. We will guide you through purchasing a home with the best deal and location in Texas. We will confer the best guidance about buying homes with lakeviews in Texas.…

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Are you considering moving to Phoenix, Arizona? Or maybe you’d prefer to move to the Big D, Houston, or San Antonio in Texas?

Although they may share some similarities, the two states are markedly different. Some of the shared similarities include hot and dry weather, common historical periods, cultural events, as well as a common border with Mexico.

Moving to either state requires much thought—do you fancy rodeos, blue-ribbon barbeque, and through-the-roof property taxes? Or maybe you prefer hiking, historical monuments, and dashboard melting heat.

In this guide, we’ll discuss a few lesser-known facts about living in Texas or Arizona. Whether you seek a change of scenery or new job opportunities, our agents can help you find a great place…

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Downtown Dallas has transformed into an independent live-work-play community of its own.

This is in contrast to the past when it turned into a ghost town after 5 p.m. on weekdays when thousands of office workers trooped home. Besides the glassy skyscrapers of its business zone, Downtown Dallas contains much of the city’s artistic, cultural, and gastronomic treasures. If you are looking for a great place in Dallas to live on your own, raise a family or retire, our real estate agents can help you choose the neighborhood that best suits your needs.

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About Downtown Dallas

Besides serving as the Central Business District, one of the largest art districts in the country is right here in Downtown Dallas.…

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In many respects, Texas stands alone—this iconic state is huge and its people are proud. 

Texas is one of the few states in the country that gives its citizens autonomy, independence, and freedom to decide their future. With its wide-open spaces, there's plenty of room for growth, and the friendly business environment makes it attractive for businesses and workers alike.

Besides the wide variety of affordable real estate, the dining scene is deliciously sophisticated that being overweight is inevitable. Add on the vast array of natural resources and living in Texas can be overwhelming. We have to be honest though and admit that Texas also has its fair share of shortcomings.

Are you pining for a more simple life in Texas? Contact us today and…

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Many people in Texas consider the Lone Star State the best place to live in the country, and the City of Frisco fits that bill.

Frisco is located north of Dallas in both Denton and Collin counties. As the 17th most populous city in Texas, the Dallas suburb is enjoying its merited reputation as the #1 city to live in America.

As recently as 1990, Frisco was a 6,000-person bedroom community. Today, its home to over 200,000 residents who have transformed it into one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

From great amenities to family-friendly neighborhoods and a booming economy, the stylish community offers an exceptional quality of life in North Texas.

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One unfortunate thing that many office renters often have to experience is miscalculating the amount of space that they need. This could have a potential impact, not just on the operations of the business, but also to the finances. Even though there is no strict rule on this, having the right office space for the needs of your company will establish a productive and positive working environment.

How Much Space Is Needed Per Employee?

The requirements on space may vary depending on industry, company, as well as geographic area. Another important factor to consider is the style of the office a company may have in mind.

One design for office space is a traditional one. This could be described as one having a traditional hardwall for a layout,…

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Common Area Maintenance. What is it? By description, it refers to one of the three primary components of the operating expenses, alongside property taxes and insurance taxes. It is included in the so-called Triple Net Lease. These fees are collected by landlords from tenants in order to cover the expenses that are usually associated with operating and overhead operations for common areas.

These common areas refer to the spaces that are used by all tenants, including elevators, hallways, lobbies, parking lots, building security, and public bathrooms, among others. These CAM fees are typically stated in the lease in order to clear up any potential misunderstanding and to have a better insight about these expenses before a tenant signs up for a new…

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