You might have seen these small adorable looking houses which are quite famous around the globe, especially after the pandemic. Small houses are not only easy to maintain but also are budget friendly. If you are asking if you can use a tiny house as your permanent residential area, then yes, you can. Tiny houses are legal in Texas to use a permanent residential address. If you are seeking Austin tiny homes, the good news is that Austin's real estate market is hyping up regarding this. So let's dig more into the topic to gain our knowledge further.   

Austin Tiny Houses 

If you are thinking of buying a tiny house in Austin or buying property and then building a tiny house on it, you should better understand its rules. Tiny house community Austin is quite friendly and feels like an actual community. As per their name, Tiny houses are small lower square footage area apartments that are used as residential areas for living. According to the Austin real estate guidelines, a tiny house should not exceed more than 400 square feet of area. If you are thinking of buying the property first and then building a tiny house on it, you should also take care that the costs of residential lots don't vary based on the size of the structure you ultimately construct. That is why many tiny house buyers choose to build on the property which is pre-owned by them.

Tiny Home Neighbourhoods In Austin 

Let's see some tiny home community Austin; Austin is turning into a community of small combat areas of tiny homes which is easy to afford and maintain. People in Austin are also choosing it as an alternative to expensive houses, so it explains that Tiny homes are also a reasonably good place to live if you are a single-family; with all the discussion, you might be thinking about where to buy a tiny home, or about purchase a tiny house in Austin so let's see some places in Austin where you can find tiny homes to live although if you ask your real estate agent, then he will show you tiny home for sale Austin but below are someplace where you can find one for yourself your own. 

Constellation ATX

Constellation ATX is situated in south Austin and can accommodate more than 80 tiny houses in six acres of area. If you want to buy pre-approved tiny houses, then you should contact Kasita and I.M.Homes. These are the companies that assign and approve tiny houses in constellation ATX. The rent includes HOA fees, recycling services, and property taxes on the land; you have to pay for the electricity, water, internet, cable, and phone bills because that is your expense. However, other services are available like a swimming pool, an outdoor fireplace, a clubhouse, and a commercial kitchen and Wi-Fi. 

Pecan Meadow Village

Pecan Meadow Village is the property of Stinson's Tiny Dwelling Co. this place consists of four hundred tiny homes in four different phases; according to the guidelines, one home could be 200 to 400 square feet. If you want to live in this tiny house in Austin, you have to book a reservation.

Village Farm 

If you want to live somewhere far from Austin to have a countryside feeling, then Village Farm could be your next tiny homestay. This place is situated near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Decker Lane. Living here will give you the full vibe of living on farmland. Resistance living here enjoy the environmental nature here; they practice the act of recycling building materials, water-efficient fixtures, rainwater harvesting, and composting waste materials. If you ever had a question like do tiny homes appreciate in value, then you will know the answer to it after living here. 

Manor Tiny Wildlife Resort

Just like its name, the Manor tiny wildlife resort gives its residents the near nature homely feeling. It is situated near U.S. Highways 290 and State Highway 130. Along with the tiny home, you are also getting access to a small outdoor shed, a small enclosed area for pets or gardening, and a parking lot for two cars. Doesn't it seem perfect? You are getting all of this is so much less. Further, it is up to you if you don't want the electrical and sewage facilities to cause accordingly your rent will be less then.     

Perks Of Living In A Tiny Home

Tiny houses are not just good-looking and affordable, but if you are thinking, What are the advantages of owning a tiny house? And Why are tiny homes popular? Then read the following points carefully:

  • Easy to clean: usually, it does take long enough to clean a big house, but inside a tiny home, how long will it take you to clean a house of 400 square feet. Tiny houses already have less space, making it easy and faster to clean; you don't need any maid for it either as you can do this much on your own, or it will be time-consuming.

  • Organized diet: as you are living in a small house, there won't be many areas to store food as you can't have a fridge in such a small space. You have to have a small-sized fridge for storing food. You might be thinking of it as a disadvantage but think about it like this, you will only have healthy foods in stock because that's what we eat during major mealtime. So you won't be wasting your money on unhealthy and useless food, which will eventually fix your eating habits. 

  • Budget-friendly: one of the major reasons to live in a tiny house is you will save a lot of money. The mortgage cost will be less for small houses. It is easy to maintain a tiny house because they don't have much space, and you will only buy and keep important things. Also, the maintenance will be less in tiny houses than in big houses, so you will save up there. 

  • Simple living: as you have just 400 square feet to live in and in that also most of the area is occupied with your important furniture. So think you won't have enough space to decorate your house, which is a good thing because you will only keep important things which will save your time from shopping for useless home decors. Instead, you can invest that money in your personal lifestyle to make it more productive. 

  • Lower carbon footprint: living in tiny homes is equal to living in green homes because the energy consumption will be less, and there will be less waste of water. You won't be wasting or consuming as many resources as you are consuming in a big house.     

Final Thoughts:

If you are thinking of purchasing tiny homes in Austin, then there is no harm in it. As said in the above article, you can use your tiny home as your permanent residential address, which is fully legal in Austin. Further, the above article mentioned the advantages, with a few mentioned places to look for tiny homes in Austin. Hence, after reading the article now, you might have a basic idea of living in a tiny home. 

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