Every country has its law when it comes to real estate. The Texas real estate law also has some rules and regulations regarding real estate, governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). When it comes to property dealing, obvs, everyone gets greedy. The sellers want to buy good properties to potential buyers, and as a buyer, everyone wants to save up their money. In between the lines comes a lot of paperwork and other legal processors and background checks. So keep reading the article further to gain further knowledge about the topic.

What Is Real Estate Law In Texas?

You might be thinking about what kind of law one must follow and what is so important just to lease or buy a house. Real estate law includes house or property protection from creditors and the legal connection between landlords and tenants or buyer and seller. It also deals with matters like transactions regarding money, loan facilities, mortgage lending, etc. Many times you might hear of things like property law and might be thinking, what is property law? Well, property law is the same as real estate law, the property buying and selling comes under it only. One necessary thing for Texas is that you can not buy or sell the property without any legal broker or real estate agent. Find your legit agent who can assist with the following processes regarding the sale or purchase.

Let's discuss some of the Texas real states law that you or may not be aware of:

The Real Estate Appraisals Must Be Applied To A Deal 

According to the TREC of Texas, the appraisal is a big part of qualifying a real estate deal. You have all the right to break off the deal if the property's sales value doesn't match its appraisal value. There are guidelines against the appraisal of a property and how to accomplish the appraisal. You can think of an appraisal as a kind of "goodbye" to your home value which is somewhat important for real estate value. 

The Inspection Report Is A Must

Under this law, a home inspection must get done. Followed by making all the reports regarding the damages to a property from any kind of destruction. Your inspector should be certified and legal. Under this, the home inspection should list out all the deficiencies and conditions of the house by making a report. If you are thinking of skipping this part due to your lame habits or to save up some money, then you should know that you should know it is mandatory according to the laws. Also, this is for the buyer's own good to know about the house condition internally and all the legal descriptions of the property Texas that you are buying.

Multiple Listing Service 

The multiple listing service is an important factor in real estate in Texas. Rules like entering data and timelines should be used. The listing is made according to the following categories, including factors like:

  • Farms

  • Ranches

  • Multiple residential building 

  • Vacant homes

Real Estate Wholesaling

You must be thinking that is wholesaling legal in Texas, then the answer to it is yes, real estate wholesaling is legal in Texas under some conditions. To practice wholesaling in real estate, you need to have a legal licence; there are some things that wholesalers cannot say or do. During the wholesaling, they have to disclose that the offer by the buyer is only interest and not an actual sales deal. The fact is, the wholesaler is not an actual broker; they are just wholesaling as a wholesaler. It is crucial to set up advertising for a wholesaler that carefully complies with both the letter and the spirit of Texas wholesaling real estate law; in the case of advertising, rules must be followed about Texas wholesaling. Some rules include things like self-dealing, while some are related to real estate agreement documentation. If you are getting inside any kind of real estate wholesaling, be attentive and keep an eye on all the state regulations.    

The Process Regarding Buying A House In Texas

If you are reading this article, then we assume that you are planning to buy any property in Texas, so for that, you might be wondering what are the requirements to buy a house in Texas regarding the official paperwork. So for that, you need to know a few things that you will need to buy property in Texas, but what if you are thinking of buying a home in Texas from out of state? There is a further processor for that too. So here are a few things regarding it:

  • First, calculate the financial aspects of your house. What is your budget, and how much will the down payment be? Do you need to know?

  • After calculating your budget, you need to get pre-approval regarding the mortgage. It is important to get a clear idea of funds and how the interest rates might affect your potential payment. You might think it is unnecessary, but trust us, it is, as it will give a clear idea about the budget and will also assure the seller about your funds, which will help you get the deal without any complications. But what if the process is getting delayed? Can you sue a mortgage company for taking too long? You can do that under some conditions, but you have to have legit reasons for it.   

  • If you are buying property in Texas, then regarding the Texas real estate requirements, you need to find a legal texas real estate agent or broker. As they will know, according to your budget and preferences you should show houses in Texas which you may like.

  • Now, after choosing the house of your preference and the basic paperwork, you need a home inspection and appraisal. If you are thinking of skipping this part as it doesn't seem that important, it is necessary, according to TREC, to get your home inspection done followed by the appraisal. Doing so will only benefit you and will save you from future big maintenance, and it's expensive because the house you like might look good from the outside but could be weak from the inside. 

  • After getting done with this process, your legal real estate broker will handle all the paperwork and the signing and payment and will handle the relationship between you and your seller. Also, he will guide you in reading the necessary things, so if you have any doubts, then ask your agent about it.      


Property or house buying could be a big deal, so you should go through every document properly and carefully, following every Texas property ownership law and Texas real estate contract law. If you have a certified real estate agent will tell you will assist you with the same. After reading the above article, it might have answered your queries regarding real estate laws and house buying in Texas. 


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