Are you surprised that Austin, of all places, has some great pizza shops? Of course you’re not. Forgive us for asking. How about we go get a slice of pizza and talk it over at one of these places?

East Side Pies

Thin crust makes a pizza a thing of beauty to talk about forever. And East Side Pies has the thinnest crust in the whole city. They also have a variety of sauces for the adventurous (like the Fast Pie, which has spinach curry sauce, sausage, and feta cheese). But don’t worry, you can still get a red sauce pizza any time you want.

Home Slice

Everybody from Austin knows about Home Slice Pizza. Or at least they should. This South Congress landmark is a must-visit stop if you’re looking in or visiting Austin, and it’s a…

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There’s something about food trucks that makes grabbing a bite kind of like a scavenger hunt. And since Bryan-College Station is a college area, food trucks are abundant and delicious. These five food trucks are worth the trip around Aggieland, for sure.

Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro

Chef Tai’s might just be the pinnacle of food truck dining. And in this case, that’s a lot more impressive than it might sound. Usually parked on the A&M campus, Chef Tai’s has garnered the attention (and praise) of the Food Network for its off-beat blend of international cuisines. Where else can you choose from barbecued pulled pork sandwiches and tofu Florentine?



Not a breakfast truck, but rather an unending exercise in excellent eats in the…

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One of the great thinks about Texas weather is that it stays warm long enough to really enjoy some fall outdoor dining.  So get some fresh air and good times on one of these College Station great outdoor patios.

La Bodega Baja Taco Bar

Don’t let the name fool you. La Bodega is far removed from the madness of College Station’s bars, yet close enough to wander in and have the best Baja, California-style meal in town. La Bodega has one of College Station’s few covered patios, so weather isn’t as big a concern, and the patio is pet friendly. Check it out for its blend of colorful spiciness and laid-back charm.


Grub Burger Bar

Again, don’t let the name fool you. Grub is not a trendy hangout, nor is it a meeting ground for college kids. The…

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