A new homebuilder has come to town in North Texas. Along with more homebuilding options for North Texans, MainVue Homes (Henly Properties), one of Australia’s biggest builders, is offering a modern aesthetic that is sure to turn some of the traditional designs we are used to seeing on their collective heads.

Peter Haynes, the managing director of Henley Properties, poses the question of why we should still be building in homes that look like grandma’s house. With traditional homes a mainstay in North Texas up until this point, MainVue homes are certainly a change. 

MainVue Homes, which feature clean lines, modern finishes and materials, and plenty of wide, open interior spaces, are a far cry from the traditional finishes and classic materials used…

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Although international buyers are certainly nothing new to America, these last few years have brought about a surge in foreign home buyers.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has kept tabs on foreign buyers since 2007. Here are their findings:

Foreign buyers are usually one of two varieties: (1) those buyers with permanent residences outside of the U.S., who usually purchase homes for vacations or investment; and (2) those buyers who are recent immigrants to the United States or those on temporary visas who are here for professional or educational purposes.

In the last 12 months, international clients purchase more than $68 billion worth of U.S. properties, which totaled 6.3 percent of all U.S. existing home sales. Among foreign buyers,…

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Given the popularity of Austin and its swiftly advancing business centers, it’s no wonder that fabulous new home communities are cropping up in nearly every corner of the city. City professionals, in particular, are searching for upscale, gated communities in Austin and, like the real estate itself, these communities have been designed to impress.

Here are just a few of Austin’s top gated communities:

Avery Ranch

First of all, Avery Ranch has a very desirable location, right between Cedar Park and Round Rock and, second of all, it winds around a stunning golf course. Is there really anything better in Austin?

If you want to know what Avery Ranch has, a better question would be: What doesn’t it have? Tennis courts, five community centers,…

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Ask many a person in Houston why it’s so great to live here and you will likely receive one of three answers: (1) because the weather is beautiful; (2) because you can golf at one of the city’s countless golf courses: and (3) you can golf at nearly any time of the year because the weather is beautiful!

Luxury homes in Houston are often surrounded by equally impressive golf courses, so finding a beautiful home in one of Houston’s many golf communities usually isn’t a problem. Here is just a sampling of some of the fantastic offerings that abound in Houston if you are looking for luxury, golf course community living!


As just of what seems to be a hundred master-planned communities in Houston, Greatwood has it all: a prime Sugar Land…

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