Houston commercial real estateYou may find that office expansion and leasing activity is stalled in many major cities. Yet, in the Houston real estate market, things are buzzing, and Houston commercial real estate is looking great.

Why is Houston so different from other large cities? And why is the Houston commercial real estate market a hot commodity these days? Well, the answer is quite simple: it’s all about oil.

Major Job Gains Realized

A rise in oil prices, coupled with a shale exploration boom, has made Houston the first major city in the region to see jobs regain the losses experienced during the recession. In fact, Houston added nearly 76,000 jobs in 2011, and it is expected, according to the Texas Workforce Commission, that new jobs may total in the tens of…

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Office space in Dallas, TexasAlthough the Dallas office space market isn’t quite thundering ahead, it is making slow gains, and that’s very good news for the Dallas economy. Experts anticipate that 2012 will be a year of slow recovery for the Dallas office space market, as demand continues to grow and the supply remains small.

Business Relocation Up, Vacancy Goes Down

Although vacancy is still quite high, it is important to note that it, too, is, on a downward course. Rents continue to show small gains, and business relocation activity is starting to show good signs, as well. Some relocation firms are now acquiring new buildings, thereby showing experts that better times are on their way. But perhaps the best sign that the Dallas office space market is headed in the right…

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