When it comes to animals, we don't think anyone can hate them, not because they look all adorable but also because animals are meant to be humans' closest friend. Now you might have heard that some Austin apartments are breed restricted, meaning they don't allow certain breeds of pets to live in their apartment as owners; there are also some no breed restriction apartments meaning there are no such issues with pets of any breed. So if you are in a country where there are breed restriction apartments, you should know more about "no breed restriction apartments" so that you won't face any problem finding an Austin, TX apartment to live with your pet of any breed.

Breed restriction is not illegal, but some breeds of pets (like dogs) are restricted due to serious reasons. If we talk about breed restrictions in Texas, apartment owners do not allow such things, but it doesn't mean they are totally banned. However, there are many other reasons for breed restrictions that you will read while reading this article. So, dig deep to gain further knowledge regarding the topic. 

What Are Breed Restriction Apartments?

Yes, you heard it right; breed restriction means certain breeds of animals (pets) that are not allowed in the certain apartment or Austin residential areas. The reason is not hatred, but landlords of such properties enforce these laws due to the reason of being too noisy that may disturb the neighborhood. Being dangerous, as we all know, some breeds of dogs are too aggressive to handle, or the reason could be some allergies related to some specific animals as many people do have allergies to dogs and cats. Also, sometimes landlords put restrictions due to their fear of certain breeds.     

No Breed Restriction Apartment In Austin 

Although it might be quite hectic to find an apartment with no breed restrictions, you can always take the help of your real estate agent if you are thinking of saving up the brokerage money. Then you have to search on your own; we got a few options for you, though. So here is the list of a few no-breed-restriction apartments.

  • The cove at saddle creek is located in south Austin; it is a beautiful pet-friendly property, including a resort pool and clubhouse. It also has fully-fenced bark par. If you want to live with your pet in a no-breed apartment, then it could be your next home. 

  • Urban north: this is another beautiful place with a hammock garden and pool. Urban north is supposed to be a place that can spoil your pet. Urban north also has an off-leash dog park and pet "spa" where your dog can get proper comfort and pampering. 

  • The element Austin: this property is situated on the east riverside of Austin. If you are an active person, this could be the place for you to ride a rental bicycle; plus, you can have 24/7 access to fitness centers, and also your dog can also roam freely with you. 

  • The Mont apartments Austin: Mont apartments in Austin are another pet-friendly space where you can live with your pet. You and your dog can go out for a walk, and you can play with him in open space also. No one will restrict you. 

  • Avesta lake creek: this place is just minutes away from Lake Travis. This place prefers well-behaved animals and does accept all other pets; they are all pet friendly. So you can have a nice quality time living here with your pets. 

Restricted Breeds

No one can hate dogs after all, but some species of dogs are meant to be in control because of their aggressive nature, like German shepherds, American pit bulls, Siberian huskies, and many more. Now you might be thinking they are all so adorable, how they could be aggressive. Well, the dogs you have seen are pet dogs, and they have been trained and nurtured well, and that's what made them calm; you won't see domestic dogs of the same breed like that for sure. Although there are multiple other reasons for the dog breed getting restricted, this is one of the prime reasons among all, and due to this reason majorly, it is hard to find aggressive dog breeds apartments. In this section of the article, let's discuss a list of aggressive dog breeds for apartments due to which the apartments in Austin are breed restricted.

Breed restrictions vary from place to place, but these are some common breeds that are under the breed restriction list: 

  • Pit bulls 

  • German shepherds 

  • Akitas 

  • Rottweilers

  • Boxers

  • Chow chow

  • Husky

  • Cane Corso

  • Malamutes 

  • Mastiff breed

  • Doberman pinschers

What If You Have A Breed-Restricted Dog?

The next question arises about how to get around breed restrictions on dogs if you already have one. Yes, it will be difficult to find an apartment, but there are certain ways to have an apartment and your pet dog.

So here are some ways:

Get The DNA Test

Sometimes people judge dogs' breed because of their looks because they could be mixed breed dogs. Arguing with them won't help you and their claims; instead, you should get a canine DNA test for your dog, which is easy, cheap, and fast. You can get this test done at any local vet around you. After you receive the results, you can use that as documentation to prove your dog is not a restricted breed.    

Show The Training Certificate

Suppose the landlords have a fear of dogs' aggressiveness, then there is only one way to assure them that your pet isn't the same as to show them your pet's. Think of it as your dog's resume, and you are including his good qualities on it. If your dog doesn't have his professional training qualification, you can just make a small video of you instructing your dog in some basic commands to show he/she is obeying your orders. 

Show Your pet insurance 

One of the biggest reasons for breed restriction is having no pet insurance, including the renter's insurance policy. If you got both of them, then simply just highlight the sections regarding pets, and submit all the documents to your landlord.

Offer Per Deposit 

No one hates money; if you are paying extra for your pet to convince your landlord, they might let you and your pet live in their apartment. This pet deposit will cover the damages in your apartment, but it will not cover any damages around the buildings. If any casualties happen between your pet and neighbors in the worst-case scenario, the deposit will work like insurance. 

Rent From Private Austin Owners

Now, this is the last and one of the most important things to remember. In case you follow everything else in the above-mentioned points, including the pet insurance and professional training, then this process won't be too hard to go through. Just remember to rent from a private owner in place of the company's reason being that companies usually have strict rules regarding restricted breeds. Still, if you do everything right, then private owners may bend their rules for you and your pet.     

Final thought: 

If you have a pet that is a restricted breed in your area and you are trying to find an apartment, it will be hard to find one such apartment but do not abandon your pet at any cost or try to hide it because this will not explain the fact why you thought to get a pet in the first place. Further, follow the points mentioned above in case of any suggestions and take the help of your real estate agent. You surely will end up finding a home for you to live peacefully with your pet.   

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