Austin may be well-known for its barbecue, but Austin's culinary stage doesn't stop there; the city is also brimming with meat-free meals. There are some restaurants where you can get fantastic vegan and vegetarian food in Austin. Be prepared to be delighted and amazed. Austin is a state that is Texas's capital, an inland city connecting the Hill Country region. This state is known for its eclectic live-music scene centered around country, rock, and blues. While Austin is mainly famous as a barbecue city, vegans can still feel at home with the city's robust base of meat-free eateries. There are plenty of soy proteins and greens, satisfying everyone's plant-based nutrition conditions.

But that's not all. Austin also has fabulous eateries where plants are the star interest, not just the two or three dishes for consumers with dietary regulations. From vegan fare trucks and well-being brunches with Chinese dishes to pressed-juice cocktails take-out with a completely separate meat-free menu. This blog finds the most suitable vegan and vegetarian food in Austin.

Even restaurants that are not vegetarian and vegan-focused such as True Food Kitchen, and many more, offer great menu item choices. If you are looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in Austin with eco-friendly sweet treats, check out The Vegan Yacht to the Beer Plant. Head on over to one of our top seven favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants and sample the joys of meatless cuisine. Here are the seven eater's guides to the best vegetarian restaurants in Austin tx.

Top Seven Vegan Restaurants In Austin

  • The Vegan Yacht:

The vegan Yacht has a delicious menu featuring a single burrito, wrap, and taco. However, don't be fooled; this joint is similar to other full-scale restaurants in its production and quality. All ingredients are entirely organic and cruelty-free and never microwaved or fried. Most of the products are made up from scratch in a remote location inside the cafe named Spider House on the campus of the University of Texas. Vegan Yacht delivers fantastic service from the husband-and-wife pair who handle the business themselves, so stop by and say hi to this beautiful vegan restaurant in Austin. 

  • Vegan Nom:

Vegan Nom is Texas' first all-vegan taco truck located in East Austin on Cesar Chavez. All of their delicious tacos and hot sauces are plant-based to reduce our carbon footprint improve animal welfare and health. Their breakfast tacos are on the menu all day, and let's not forget to mention that they also have vegan queso. 

Texan people love tacos as their lifeblood, and there's no reasoning to change your practices when going animal-free. Consider the Vegan Nom's Nueva Onda, a magnificent mashup of avocado, scrambled tofu, and sweet potato hash browns.

  • Counter culture:

Counter Culture is usually seen as a healthy challenge by residents who choose to eat natural foods that only last a few days. Counter Culture serves meatless foods and dairy-free items all year long and creates them from scratch. Many ingredients used to make these foods are fair trade and organic, which local farmers contribute to a nutritious, unprocessed diet. In addition to raw food, Counter Culture delivers plenty of other vegan options, including cheese and mac. We recommend trying the spicy basic pad thai at least once. Brunch is also a wonderful moment to go, with tofu rancheros a popular choice.

  • Mothers Cafe:

The people who are vegetarians and live in Austin may remember this restaurant from way back in their childhoods. This is because Mother's Cafe has been an Austin staple since 1980. It has been 42 years of Serving vegan and vegetarian food at reasonable prices; the mother's menu is assorted with lunch options ranging from the classic sandwich to fettuccine or enchiladas. While here, you can also try one of the beautiful smoothies on the menu or make your own.

  • Mr. Natural:

Mr. Natural is one of the oldest vegetarian joints in Austin; if you're eating with Mr. Natural, you can feel assured knowing that everything is 99% meat-free. One particularly noteworthy menu item is the Vegan Mr. Natural Burger, which comprises tomatoes, onions, pickles, mustard, homemade soy patty, lettuce, and vegan mayo. If you want to try everything, swing by the Cesar Chavez place for the all-vegan brunch buffet every month's first Saturday and Sunday.

  • Arlo’s truck:

Arlo's serves plant-based comfort food in a bistro-style setting for the Austin nightlife scene. They are known mainly for their house-made vegan burger (and late-night junk food craving quencher). Their food is designed to benefit herbivores and omnivores alike. Their vegan amenity food ranges from seitan-stuffed tacos and BBQ soy burgers to sweet potato fries, tots and beer. They also suggest a fantastic alternative to the usual late-night trailer eateries.

  • Lil Nonnas :

Have you ever tried vegan pizza? If yes, you may know that it tastes significantly less tasty than non-vegan pizzas. However, Vegan pizza never tasted so good. House-made sauce and vegan mozzarella make Li'l Nonna's pizza the most sought-after in the city. The Beetaroni is a classic, but consider yourself lucky if you happen to be in town for their Chick-fil-Ain't special. They use organic flours, tomatoes, all-natural additive-free dairy cheeses, house-made vegan cheeses, house-made meat alternative toppings, ranch dressing, and local and organic produce for toppings and specialty pizzas! They'll also have a gluten-free crust option. They also have other tasty snacks like cornmeal-crusted oyster mushrooms, crispy Sicilian Brussels sprouts, and cinnamon and sugar fried dough.

  • The Beer Plant:

The beer plant is the kind of place where your non-vegetarian friends or non-vegan will want to go to. It is located as a vegan restaurant in downtown Austin on the northwest side. The Beer Plant has among the most extensive selections of beers in the city, a Plant-based beer kitchen and bar serving raised vegan dishes, and a craft beer and cocktail bar. The ambiance of this restaurant is exact and warmer, with a vinyl stacked and turntable in the corner. The plant-based kitchen offers some soul-food favorites with a vegan twist – cheese and mac with buffalo cauliflower wings, sriracha-glazed brussels sprouts, cashew cheese, and hand-cut fries.



At first, some vegetarians were not much comfortable in the state known for its love of steaks and barbecue. But now Austin has done a beautiful job of delivering locally made, fresh possibilities to veggie lovers, with some restaurants going above and beyond. From breakfast to brunch, dinner to late-night snacking, and every meat-free meal in-between, we are sure that you'll find the very best veggie dining experiences using our top seven list as your guide.

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