Plano vs Frisco, Texas

The two popular suburbs in Dallas, Texas, are undoubtedly Plano and Frisco, which explains the influx of people moving there.

With vast open spaces, outstanding schools, and great neighborhoods, it's easy to see why. So that begs the question, between Plano and Frisco, which Dallas, Texas, suburb is better?

The reality is that it all depends on what the buyer desires. Since they're almost the same save for a few exceptions, both cities are in high demand.

Today, we'll dive into the Plano and Frisco debate and discover for ourselves which city merits more acclaim. Are you ready to buy or sell a property in Dallas? Contact VIP Realty to schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information.

Which City is Cheaper to Live in?

Key stats:

  • In general, Frisco, TX, is 10.4% more expensive than Plano, TX
  • The biggest factor in the cost of living difference is Median Home Cost
  • At 23%, the Median Home Cost is more expensive in Frisco

Cost of Living Indexes




Overall Index



10.4% higher




21.9% higher

Median Home Cost



$179,000 more

Food and Groceries



1.4% higher








0.5% less




5.5% higher




0.4% higher

*US Average = 100 (Below 100 means cheaper than the US average, above 100 means more expensive)

Where you start to notice a significant difference between these two cities is in their median household income. While Plano's median household income is $95,000, Frisco's stands at $127,000.

Housing costs in Frisco are 23.5% more expensive than in Plano. The median price of a property in Frisco was $721,000, compared to $542,000 in Plano. Meanwhile, living in Plano will come with reduced daily costs.

To add on, buyers looking for new construction homes for sale will find a bigger inventory in Frisco, compared to the older homes in the more established neighborhoods of Plano.

Which City Has Better Schools?

In the latest Texas Education Agency assessment, there are roughly 70 graded schools in the school districts serving Plano and Frisco. Both of these districts regularly achieve "A" rankings. But in comparison to the 33 Plano schools that received a B during the Texas Education Agency's rating, only 8 Frisco schools received a similar rating.

The student-teacher ratio in Frisco's schools is one teacher for every 14 students. In comparison, there's one teacher for every 17 kids in Plano's schools. Though the education system in Plano is only 2 points below Frisco, the impact of the gap is far greater on the ground. With that in mind, both cities have a lot going on regarding their respective ISDs. In our opinion, Frisco has a better school district and more exemplary schools.

Which Location is better?

A small part of Frisco lies in Denton County, while the majority of the city is in Collin County. The location offers residents easy access to the George Bush Tollway, the North Dallas Tollway, and Interstate 121 all within a 30-minute drive of downtown Dallas. Frequent travelers will also appreciate the distance from the city to the DFW International airport which is only a 30-minute drive away.

Meanwhile, Plano is situated 26 miles northeast of the DFW Airport and 19 miles north of downtown Dallas. That said, Frisco residents tend to commute 3.6 minutes more on average than Plano residents. And since Plano is close to both downtown and the main airport, the city is a wonderful option for people working in downtown as well as frequent travelers.

Things to Do: Plano Vs Frisco

When it comes to outdoor activities, shopping, and dining, both cities provide similar lifestyles. However, the entertainment sector is where their similarities end. Frisco's lifestyle tends to revolve around sports franchises and the entertainment they bring. That said, spectator sports fans prefer Frisco as the go-to destination. Frisco is home to three major sports venues; Toyota Stadium, The Star, and Dr. Pepper Ballpark.

There are several commercial streets in both towns' outskirts, making it simple to stock up on supplies without having to wait in line to get to a big-box store or shopping center. If VIP Realty was to choose which city is best for retail therapy, we would recommend Frisco's malls which are far superior to Plano's.

The Star, the Rail District, and Gloria’s are your best options in Frisco if you prefer a less uniform dining experience, and even those locations are overrun with chain restaurants. Meanwhile, nonhomogeneous places to dine in Plano include Del Frisco’s, the Capitol Grill, Mexican Sugar, and Tavern. While both cities provide excellent dining options, Plano has a more diverse dining scene for foodies who love variety.

Where to Buy: Frisco or Plano?

Dallas is a top destination for buyers, and both Frisco and Plano offer a wide variety of activities, scenic views, and entertainment options. While choosing between the two appealing cities, where to buy may be influenced by the current and future needs of both you and your family.

Take into account your family's interests and the lifestyle you intend to live. This includes your preferred commute times, proximity to work or local attractions as well as educational needs. VIP Realty can help you discover a property in one of the many prestigious neighborhoods in both cities that can satisfy your needs, wants, and budget.

Still not sure? Browse both Frisco and Plano listings in each of these markets to see whether the homes in both cities have what you're looking for. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property, the Dallas market is our specialty, and our team is ready to help you make your next real estate transaction enjoyable and satisfying.

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