The rich food culture of Austin has seen a lot of differences in the last decade. Still, if you look closer, there's a rich history of restaurants and eateries navigated by African American cooks and chefs, producing some of the city's most tasty and original offerings.

In recent weeks, the world has become increasingly mindful of black people and their communities' injustice. Sometimes making a difference can feel like it's past our sweep, but one of the most accessible ways we can contribute is by putting money back into their neighborhoods. 

If you are taking any type of action and want to leave a long-lasting impact on Austin's Black community, residents and enterprises, spend your money at these Local Black-owned restaurants during your stay. Find seafood, southern comfort food, soulful food restaurants about the city, or experience delicious cuisine from around the world at restaurants.

From Ethiopian, home cooking, BBQ, and Cajun-style cuisine, these black-owned eateries convey menus that incorporate a combination of their own family's style and recipes. Go for mouthwatering smoked meats at one of many barbecue eateries around town. Also, you can enjoy Austin's iconic food truck scene by simply typing local black-owned restaurants near me. You can easily find out the menu for every desire in Austin with this list of local food trucks and Black-owned restaurants. 


In the wake of George Floyd's murder, there are many modes to be a protester, a supporter, and get involved in combating racial injustice. In addition to contributing to the mixed groups and peacefully protesting, you can help black-owned restaurants by going there and eating some delicious dishes. It is not that they only serve in Austin, but there are tons of these fantastic eateries all across the country. There's no deficit of Black-owned restaurants in Austin, and if you are yet to try any of them, then this guide may steer you in the correct direction. We have mentioned the top seven Austin black-owned restaurants and eateries. 

Top Seven Black-owned Restaurants In Austin 

Helping Black-owned businesses and other marginalized communities is ideal for contributing to society and limiting the wealth gap. If you do not belong to Austin, here are some top seven Black-owned restaurants in Austin, TX, to try, offering delicious meals and high-quality services. Check out a round-up below but certainly not a complete list.

  • Taste of Ethiopia

If you have never eaten food from the East African paradise side, then you're missing out on a lot. This black-owned restaurant offers excellent food that you can sense on every plate of their meal. However, you can order it online and give it some specific taste you need. Think about some of the best chicken, collard greens, potatoes, and lambs, and you can have it with their signature injera bread which is a staple in Ethiopia. They also serve vegetarian choices every week from 11 am to 2 pm. Make sure to check this place out in Austin. We bet you won't miss the meat!

  • Sam's BBQ

Have you fallen in love with our sweet-tangy BBQ Sauce? Now you can take home our tasty sauce, rich smoky flavor, voted Best BBQ Sauce by Home Magazine. It holds finger-licking food! It was established in 1957 by Sam Campbell, and it has been in process ever since, serving the Austin residents some fantastic barbecue. The menu is rich and is sure to demand most taste buds. We propose an array of barbeque meats from regions across the country. We use only the freshest elements, and all of our meats are slow-cooked with genuine wood-fired mist that seals in the flavor of the meat's crude juices.

  • Tony's Jamaican Food

Tony's Jamaican Food is home to the most authentic comfort Black-owned food in Austin, Texas. You know it's hard to get and deal with if you ever listened to anything about Jamaican food. But if there is any Jamaican restaurant to test out in Austin, then it is Tony's Jamaican food. This spot has some genuine comfort Jamaican food and is encountered in Pflugerville. The flavors will grab your taste buds, whether you are peeking for some jerk chicken, curry goat, or oxtail. Go to this restaurant with your family and friends for the most excellent Jamaican experience.

  • Krab Kingz Seafood Austin

If you are looking for excellent seafood in Austin, then this place will provide you with the best taste. Come to this place and try seafood here at Krab Kingz in Pflugerville, Austin, Texas. Their menu features Lobster Tail , Sausages, Crab & Shrimp Platter, and more! Find them north of Heritage Park on Farm to Market. Order online for delivery or carryout. A mere glance at the restaurant's pictures will salivate and crave some seafood platter.

  • Aster's Ethiopian

An Austin practice since 1990. They are a family and black-owned business and provide unique and genuine artistic dishes for the whole household to appreciate. Join us for an incredible and delicious meal with so much variety. Both vegetable and meat containers are available. This restaurant is well known for its vegan, gluten-free, and type of vegetarian cousins. The dishes at this black-owned firm are full of traditional Ethiopian savors.

  • Baby Greens

No matter what is the size of your gathering or group, Baby Greens restaurant will offer you delicious and healthy food options that are surely liked by the guests and customers. This restaurant meal is fresh, Made-To-Order, and a Flawless fit for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Carnivores. They mainly serve made-to-order wraps and salads that are fresh, fast, and highly delicious.

Their menu features a vegetarian version and a meat version of yummy food. By coming to the black-owned baby greens restaurants, you can eat all types of carnivores, vegetarians, and vegan meals without any worries. So even if you're in a rush, there's always time for a beautiful dinner at Baby Greens.

  • Luv Fats Ice Cream

If you don't want to eat something heavy but look for something delicious that will satisfy those sweet cravings, head over to the Luv Fats Ice Cream, and your desire will undoubtedly be pleased. The fantastic thing about this place is that it's not your ordinary ice cream shop; it has multiple unique flavors such as cucumber sorbet, Kenyan chai, Kenyan coffee, Soy sauce, etc. Their tastes are individual and stand out; if you want to taste something different, head over to this shop.

Bonus points: It is not only Black-owned; it is also a woman-owned restaurant.

The Final Thought:

We bring you the top Black-Owned Restaurants in Austin to praise Black History people! We are proud of our variousness in Austin and desire to give back by supporting all of our small regional industries. From Taste of Ethiopia to Luv Fats Ice Cream, we tried to get you a little something of everything around the city. It should be known that this is not a complete list and that there are dozens of different excellent black-owned restaurants in each of these cities. 

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