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How to Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams Even When your Bathroom is Small

Posted by Richard Soto on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 at 10:12am.

Sure, we’d all love a sprawling bathroom that we could do cartwheels in but, unfortunately, not many of us are blessed with a bathroom of this size. Luckily, there are quite a few ways that you can turn even your small bathroom into the luxurious spa retreat you’ve always imagined it could be.

Working with size constraints may require you to be creative, but it most certainly can be done. Here’s how:

Take Advantage of Every Square Inch

Your small space should be utilized –every square inch of it! I saw a small bathroom that transformed a bump-out into a very useful linen cabinet. Think of the small nooks and crannies and get creative!

Instead of having an over-size bathtub in the space, many homeowners opt for small, corner bathtubs, which are comfortable and attractive, yet do not take up the space of a large, rectangular tub. You may need to go custom when designing a small bathroom, but the added cost of custom pieces won’t match the cost of tearing down a wall to make the bathroom larger.

Small powder rooms often work much better with smaller sinks, so consider opting for a slim pedestal sink instead of a sink and vanity combination. There are also a number of fantastic corner sinks available today, which are great for freeing up valuable space in a small bathroom.

Don’t Scale Down Too Much

Remember that, although the bathroom in your condo is small, you still want functional pieces. This mean that, even though you may choose a pedestal sink to save room, you still want to pay close attention to the sink’s counter space and choose one that will allow you to rest your items on it without them falling into the sink. Likewise, don’t choose a smaller bathtub for your space, only to find that it simply isn’t large enough to make for a comfortable bath. If your bathroom is simply too small for a bathtub, consider a larger, more comfortable stand-up shower and give it a beautiful tile surround for extra impact.

Remember Lighting

A smaller space needs adequate lighting as to make it not feel claustrophobic and dark. Think about overhead lighting, as well as task lighting above the vanity, and put the lights on separate switches to allow you to turn things down if you desire

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