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Sugar Land Bungalow Real Estate Listings

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Most commonly the term bungalow is preceded by “charming” which brings to mind some perfectly cute smallish Sugar Land home with a porch. Or, you might see a “fixer-upper” bungalow which could means considerable savings or even a “foreclosure” bungalow which brings to mind the notion of tearing down the little house and replacing it with something nice and big.

The term bungalow originated in India for small one-story dwellings and was later used Great Britain and the United States, often describing single or one and a half-story homes with wide verandas. In Sugar Land, bungalows are often synonymous with Craftsman cottages although not exclusively so. Still, if there's one typical image it's usually that of a predominantly single-story detached home with a room at the top and accompanying dormer jutting out from a sloping roof.

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