Houston Modern Contemporary Style Homes for Sale

Midcentury modern and contemporary style homes are found in many areas of Houston, from the iconic mid-century residences to the metropolitan cities of the Houston. You will find many contemporary homes in Houston areas. The home listings are as low $200,000 for condos to over $5,000,000 for the luxury listings. See the map below for current listings of modern style architectural homes for sale in Houston.

Modern Homes for Sale in Houston

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Houston Texas Modern Homes for Sale

The modern listings in Houston, Texas, represent some of the best modern architecture in the country. The first modern homes in Houston were built in 1905. The sweeping eaves and clean horizontal lines of Sullivanesque and Frank Lyod Wright have had a big influence on modern architecture. They reflect an open, progressive, stream-lined city.

Houston has some of the greatest modern architects in the world. They include David Williams, Edward Durell Stone, Francois Levy and Scot Lyons just to name a few. These architects have made an impact in the modern architectural landscape of Houston and influenced the architecture around the world.

Houston modern homes comprise of different modern styles such as classical modern, mid-century, Texas modern to “green” modern.

About Contemporary and Modern Homes

Houston and the surrounding areas have a rich mix of neighborhoods and architectural styles. The Traditional style is straightforward – Greek Revival, Colonial, and Ranch have transformed into Texas Modern.

Homebuyers searching contemporary home listings can find a wide selection within the Houston area. Modern home listings tend to price higher than traditional homes. This is because the majority of modern homes have improvements, extensive upgrades and natural materials used in their construction. You will find many contemporary homes in Northwest Houston, East Houston, and downtown condo areas. The home listings are as low $200,000 for condos to over $5,000,000 for the luxury listings. Luxury Contemporary listings offer features such as open floor plans, natural wood and stone flooring, walls of glass, upgraded lighting fixtures fitting among others.

Mid-Century Homes

Construction of mid-century homes in Houston began around 1950 and into the 70s. Mid-Century homes were the pioneers of the architectural development in the country. Some mid-century homes are camouflaged by minor modifications, while others are hidden in less well-known neighborhoods. There's a whole generation that loves this type of design.

Modern Homes from the 1970s

Many of the modern homes designed in the 1970s are some of the coolest homes, and represent the greatest value from that era. They retain the Dean Martin modern chic of the 60s and are continuing the modern vibe of the 1970s. The feature large spaces, rooms open up to each other and have plenty of windows. These modern homes typically sit on large lots which are perfect for families. To add a touch of modernity, you can replace the old bank of windows with floor-to-ceiling stacked sliding doors. You can retain the coolest fixtures and add modern elements and technology that create a twenty-first century home appeal.

Modern Home Builders

Few builders around Houston specialize in modern homes. These builders have all the architectural know-how for custom style homes. They include:

· Constructive Homes

· Greico Modern & Contemporary Homes

· Travis and Travis Home Builders

Contemporary Design

Contemporary and modern real estate in Houston defines the architecture of today. The modern architecture consists of different styles that involve post-Victorian architecture through the mid-century era. They’re traditional with large windows and French doors to an outdoor living room. The construction of these homes had sustainability and green design in mind.

An example is solar or geothermal heating and the use of non-toxic materials. Hardwood floors are common – wood floors offer various options for interior designers. Builders are installing low VOC paints and natural fiber carpeting in new homes. By using natural and native landscaping, they create spaces that flow to outdoor living rooms.

Features of Contemporary Homes

Some of the standout features of contemporary homes are an open floor plan and a two-story foyer. Other features include a “chef’s kitchen”, that comes pre-equipped with dual ovens, dishwashers, burner stoves, granite countertops, and a large island. Wine rooms have since replaced the interior wet bar which has moved outside. Parking consists of a three car garage with a separate floor for the third bay, and a mudroom. This may also double up as a laundry room sandwiched between the kitchen and garage.

Another trademark of contemporary homes is a classic master suite downstairs. The spacious bedrooms open up to the outside. They feature bathrooms akin to a 4-star hotel. The bathroom features a separate water closet, large shower, and a freestanding Jacuzzi tub. Dressing rooms are in the closets which provide spacious storage. This design is ideal for families with older children as one can live completely downstairs.

Contemporary style homes have open floor plans and are perfect for entertaining. The heart of the party is in the kitchen and guests can move from the kitchen into the family room with ease. These homes also come with an outdoor room. The outdoor room has a kitchen with a gas grill, pizza oven, wet bar and a stone fireplace wired for a TV. Luxurious features include heaters built-in the ceilings for all-year usage.

The Benefits of Contemporary Style

The majority of Contemporary style homes are designed for entertaining and large families. They are a common feature in almost every neighborhood in and around Houston. They fit in seamlessly and are common after a tear down. Most suburbs will only have this style of home if it’s agreed upon by the homeowners’ association guidelines and rules. Most suburbs comprise of traditional homes, thus buyers are better off searching around the City of Houston to find the ideal contemporary floor plan.

Houston-Houston is especially known for its Modern and Mid-Century Modern homes. If you’re looking for a mid-century modern home, we’re the REALTORS to talk to. We know the region, and we know where the homes are that will suit your wants and needs.

From Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes, with their organic architecture and Bauhaus influences to homes with a more Scandinavian influence, many of the homes in Houston were built with the express goal of bringing modernism into the suburbs. Homes with plenty of windows and open floor plans help to bring the gorgeous surroundings into the home. 

Talk to us today. We can show you a selection of Houston Mid-Century Modern homes that will take your breath away and make it truly hard to decide which on is more perfect than the next.