Texas has been announced as the fastest-growing state in the U.S. Texas is also known for being nicknamed the "Lone Star State," which is a good reason. An inexpensive cost of living, a promising job market, moderate weather make Texas a win for newbies. People ask why is everyone moving to Austin? According to the world report and the U.S. News report, Austin is ranked as one of the Finest Places to Live in the U.S. This should come as no wonder to the individuals who call Austin a perfect home and can enjoy all that this beautiful city offers.

Every individual location in Texas offers outstanding attributes and benefits. If you are finding it difficult to identify the top cities to live in Texas, consider the factors below:

  • Cost of living

  • Career possibilities

  • Culture and entertainment

  • Safety and crime rates

  • Schools and education options

  • Transportation and commute data

  • House and rent prices

Whether you are seeking to extend a small business, take your profession to the next level, or find the correct location to raise your family, Texas's beautiful place will help you do all this. As the capital of the Lone Star State, Austin is Texas's, warm heart. The metropolis is home to just under one million people, which has grown by over 21% in the last decade.

This rapid growth makes Austin a diverse and thriving ecosystem. Austin is considered the center of political actions, social change, and sustainable development within the state.

In Texas, you will never feel any shortage of chances for diverse food options, enjoying live music, and plenty of entertainment. Texas is a vast state, and its economy expands exponentially. If you are looking to relocate here, check out this list of the best things that Texas offers you in 2022. 

To Jump Off, Here Are Some Fun Facts About Texas:

  • Quickest road in the U.S.: Highway 131, a route between Seguin and Austin, permits cars to travel as fast as 80 mph.

  • Disconnected power grid: Texas operates on its power grid – different from the government's grid.

  • Rescheduling Halloween: The small town of Decatur voted to reschedule Halloween in 2014 due to a conflict with their local high school's Friday night football game.

  • World's most considerable parking lot: The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport boasts the world's most considerable parking lot.

  • Slaughter, Texas: No murders were ever committed in the ghost town of Slaughter.

  • "Texas," meaning: "Texas," literally signifies "friends" or "ally" from the Native American Caddo language.

Top Nine Reasons To Move On In Texas

  1. The Texas economy is booming.

Texas is the home state which has the healthiest economy in the country. In fact, Texas has to have the 12th most incredible economy based on startup activity, GDP growth, and jobs in high-tech industries. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas begets eight percent of the U.S. GDP, second only to California. Job seekers should be able to find plenty of jobs throughout the state. The Dallas Morning News asserts that the Texas economy added almost 1,500 jobs a day in 2019. Its myriad workforce is currently made up of 12 million people and growing.

  1. The sports culture is fantastic.

You will find a crowd of Texans at sports bars and in the stadiums embedding for their favorite team on any given weekend. Given that it's such a gigantic state, residents of the Lone Star State have many well-loved teams to cheer for throughout the year. Several of Texas's most favored proficient groups include the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, and Houston Texans.

  1. It's effortless to buy a home in Texas.

Are you frustrated by the ridiculous housing prices in areas of America's most popular cities? Drive to Texas, and search for where to live in Texas or where to live in Austin, and you will be able to find an abundance of affordable residences in and around significant towns. Many of the finest places to live in Texas are also relatively inexpensive compared to other large and booming cities. For example, the median listing home price in San Antonio, one of the most popular cities in Texas, is just $234,300. Schools in Plano are top-notch, and the median listing home price is $379,000. In Austin, the best city in Texas with multiple job prospects, the median listing home expense is $279,900.

  1. Say No to State Income Tax. 

There's no suspicion about it – Texas is one of the most tax-friendly states in the country. Due to Texas's low cost of living and inexpensive cities, the state doesn't need citizens to pay taxes on their personal revenue. This lack of state income tax allows Texans to save their hard-earned money for retirement, vacations, school tuition, and other expenditures.

  1. Manageable Traffic:

In Texas, you will find areas where traffic is difficult. However, in general, the traffic in the major cities is extremely manageable. You can expect short commute times and periods of heavy traffic that are shorter-lived and less intense than traditional rush hours.

  1. Texans Take Education Seriously

Texas is home to high learning possibilities, including some of the most prominent public universities around. Residents have their choice of top-notch schools like the University of Texas - Texas A&M University Austin and mid-sized private institutions.

Texas is also family-friendly. It's effortless to find quality public and private schools for children with various learning opportunities.

  1. It's one of the most miscellaneous places to live.

Texas's rich, bustling culture is primarily due to its diversity. In Houston alone, 146 languages are spoken, and the state as a whole is the second most diverse state in the government. This inclusion and richness of diversity bring to the state appeal to make individuals who decide to move here.

  1. Safety

You can appreciate excellent wages, great jobs, and a low cost of living in security. Despite its blossoming population, Texas is a safe place to live. You may like cities like alle, cedar park, Plano, Georgetown and many neighborhood big cities, such as Austin.

  1. Texas is a Foodie's Paradise

Texas' rapidly growing stature as a foodie haven extends above its iconic dishes. There's more to taste than Tex Mex and BBQ around the Lone Star State. Fine dining, fusion-themed words, and James Beard award-winning eateries bring new flavor to cities from Houston to Dallas. Texans take their food seriously, and you won't have to go distant to stumble across mouthwatering BBQ and Tex Mex. Dallas's Tolbert restaurant is known for its delicious chili, the authorized state dish of Texas. The eatery is even credited with assisting chili orbit into superstar status.

Final Thought:

Texas is known as a living giant, and it is fetching more extensively, with an average daily inflow of more than 150 new people. Texas is a famous destination for young families, specialists, and retirees alike, with many diverse cities and enduring job opportunities. Warm and tax-friendly, living in Texas is a beautiful idea. Above, we have noted some of the best things to consider before moving to Austin, Texas. 

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