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Austin Flat Fee & Texas MLS Listing

Why pay 6%? - Save thousands in Real Estate CommissionsVIP Realty Flat Fee MLS Listing

Our Austin Flat Fee MLS program works because there are two real estate agents involved in the sale of almost every house: the listing agent who works with the seller and the buyer's agent who works with the buyer.

A seller typically pays 6% commission. A home is listed at $250,000 which is split evenly ($15,000), with the "listing agent" getting $7,500 and the "buyer agent" getting the remaining $7,500.

With our Austin Flat Fee MLS Program, instead of paying the "listing portion" of the commission (3% of the gross sales price of your home) you pay a flat fee at the time of listing and the "buyer agent" fee of 3% ONLY IF a buyer agent procures a buyer for your home. If you (the seller) find a buyer, you pay 0% commission. VIP Realty will act as your listing agent, but we will not collect a listing commission at closing.

Paying 6% Commission Will NOT Sell Your Home Any Faster!

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Why the Austin Flat Fee MLS Program Works

Realtor Marketing Myths

When most Realtors sit down with you to list your property, they show you a great presentation telling you all about their wonderful "marketing plan". However, did you know the majority of properties - approx. 80-90% - are sold by cooperating MLS agents, and NOT by the listing agent? If the marketing plan is so great, why doesn't the listing agent sell the listing? Most agents don't expect to sell the property themselves - they let the MLS and buyer agents do the work. So with that in mind, why would you give your hard-earned equity away to someone with a sign and access to the MLS?

Newspaper, Home Buying Magazine & Other Print Media

So you think print Ads work? If you actually believe that Realtors and Brokers advertise your home in home buying magazines or newspapers only to sell your home, then I have some disturbing news for you!

The main reason agents or brokers would pay $100s or even $1,000s a month just to place a property in a home buying magazine or any other print media is to generate buyer leads for themselves. In the past we consistently spent $1000s a month for full page ads in real estate magazines. How many homes did we sell as a direct result of a phone call? None. Most people end up buying another home after they comparison shop. I assure you, home buyers wont just look at one home before buying. We ran ads to get our phones to ring so we could assist other people who want to Buy or Sell. Have you ever seen homes advertised in the real estate magazines or other print ads with the complete address listed? I wonder why not.

Keep in mind that agents are trained to use marketing materials to promote themselves, their team or their company NOT to actually sell your home. If you are not aware, when you pay a 5%, 6% or 7% commission you are the one who pays for their marketing.

View our extensive marketing plan and research our Flat Fee MLS Listing FAQ section. You can also review our Flat Fee Listing Options. VIP Realty will sell your home Fast and for Top Dollar, while saving you $1,000s in real estate commissions

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