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California Real Estate

Perhaps the quintessential American state, California is the largest state in the country and is home to everything from beautiful beaches to picturesque mountain peaks. It is here that film, television and music come alive, and it is where “Dreams do Come True.”

California, which covers nearly half of the West Coast, boasts one of the largest economies in the world. It is rich in resources and a major hub for agriculture, industry and culture. California’s terrain and topography is quite diverse, as it boasts a valley, majestic mountains, deserts, forests and a pristine coastline. The Central Valley of California is the state’s agriculture heartland and is where much of the food in the state is grown.

California also boasts more than 1,000 wineries; and, as a result, nearly 90 percent of the country’s wine comes from California.

Ideally located on the beautiful Pacific Coast, California features some of the most beautiful beach towns in the country. The center of California is often referred to as the Sierra Nevada. This area, which features the highest peak in the contiguous United States, is also home to Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe.

About one third of the state is covered by trees. In fact, this state has more forestland than any other state beside Alaska. Deserts, on the other hand, make up about one-quarter of the land in California, including the Coachella Valley and Imperial Valley.

California Homes for Sale

California boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the country, thanks to the highly desirable cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Long Beach and San Diego. Its major areas, including Hollywood, Sacramento, Silicon Valley and the Wine Country are all areas with skyrocketing real estate prices.

Los Angeles, the entertainment center of California, is the largest city in the state and the second largest city in the country. It is home to nearly every cinema, television and music company in the nation. The neighborhoods of Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills and Brentwood, are home to many multi-million dollar mansions and estates.

San Diego, on the other hand, is a powerhouse for the high-tech sector and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

San Francisco, San Jose and the Silicon Valley are all very popular areas in which to reside. Silicon Valley consistently attracts new residents because it is home to the largest software and computer companies in the world.

The coastline of California, including such famous beach towns as Malibu, is a mecca for amazing beach homes; many of which are occupied by movie and music stars.

California Realtors

The sheer size of California may make searching for a fabulous piece of California real estate quite overwhelming. From the beach towns and wine valley region to the center of Hollywood, real estate in California is varied and is often in high demand. Trust the realtors of VIP Realty to guide you through the process of buying property in California. Let us show you why there is no other place in the world like California and its spectacular real estate!