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Goal Setting for Top Real Estate Agents in 2015

Posted by Richard Soto on Thursday, January 15th, 2015 at 10:42am.

We’ve all heard the ol’ chestnut that failing to plan is planning to fail. Well, even if that’s annoying to hear for the umpteenth time, it’s true. Without a direction, without a set of goals to aim for, you’re going to wander through your business trying to figure out what to do next.

Get Writing

Get out a pen and notebook, open a note on your phone, send yourself an email, or fingerpaint it on the wall of your home office, just make sure you write down your goals. Goals you tell yourself about have a way of sliding off into the ether unless they are given concrete form. Write them down and, preferably,

copy what you write. And keep your goals list in a spot where you’ll see them. Don’t put it in your “miscellaneous” folder and never look in there again.

Say Concrete Things

While “sell more houses” is a noble idea, as a top real estate agent, you want to be a little more specific than that. And you may be surprised to know how many agents don’t know how many houses they sold last year, so they don’t even know what “more” would be. How many properties do you want to sell? Per month? Per year? What types of properties? Put a dollar figure on your year-end commissions and then figure out how much you need to sell and what else you need to do to get there.

Set Marketing Goals

Selling is the ultimate goal, of course, but you won’t be showing many properties if people don’t know you’re out there. Make marketing part of your goal plans for 2015. Top agents know how much they want to spend, which are the best networking events to attend, which outlets give great bang for the buck, and what image (a.k.a. brand) they need to project. Make sure you know what you want everyone to see of you, then write down how to give it to them.

Push a Little

Goals are wishes until you actually plan to do them. And sometimes, goals get reached only because you push yourself a little. Your core goal should always be to improve upon where you are right now, which means you need to reach past your comfort zone.

Don’t Get Crazy

It’s easy to get so caught up on your plan-making that you start writing a detailed instruction manual for yourself. But the key to goal setting that will actually get you to your goals is to be flexible and realistic. In other words, don’t set so many goals for yourself, or plan so rigidly, that one misstep upends the whole boat on you.

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