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Best Places to Live in Houston

Posted by Carlo A on Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 at 5:21pm.

Finding a house to call your own in Houston is certainly a challenging endeavor for anybody, especially for individuals who are not trained in looking for a good property. With a wide variety of good neighborhoods, architectural styles of home, school districts, and amenities, it is quite easy to get lost in the options available for decision makers who are searching for their best abode in Houston.

  1. Sugar LandSugar Land, Texas

This neighborhood may sound sweet and all, but there certainly is more to what this community has to offer. As a matter of fact, it is recognized as one of the most diverse areas in the US, and its growth is an evident year after year. One reason why a lot of people are attracted to this city is the fact that it offers a fast commute to the rest of Houston, where many places for work are located.

Also, this city offers a good standard of living, making it a good place to call home. As a bonus, Sugar Land also host a number of festivals, concerts, as well as other events all throughout the year. As a bonus, it is also considered as one of the cleanest and greenest locations in the area, thanks to its recycling program. Real estate experts recommend buyers to check for options, especially in New Territory and Telfair.

  1. Richmond Richmond, Texas

Richmond is a city that has seen steady growth over the years. For one, it is a safe city, making it perfect for families, especially those who have children. In fact, the crime rate in this location is just below average. The residents in this area are also well-employed, with some of the working locations just a quick drive away.

Aliana, a big master-planned community is considered as a place which is worth watching for. Other options on communities in this area include Hillcrest, which is recognized as one of the richest neighborhoods in the area, along with Winston Terrace.



  1. The WoodlandsThe Woodlands, Texas

This community is known as among the wealthiest and nicest communities in all of Texas. This happened even before the famous company Exxonmobil transferred their operations in this city. These days, it has even grown to unparalleled heights.

Despite its reputation, The Woodlands has retained its reputation of being a family-friendly community. As a bonus, there are a lot of options on beautiful houses in this area, with luxurious abodes, tree-lined sidewalks, and the picturesque beauty of a neighborhood.

  1. Katy

If you are looking for options on properties in Katy, you will certainly be delighted that this community is one of the fastest growing in the entire Houston area. Among the pride of this area are top-notch schools, entertainment, and dining amenities, as well as an unending list of things to do in the area.

In terms of business, Katy is growing steadily. Gas and oil companies are currently expanding into this area. If you are on the lookout for a beautiful and master-planned neighborhood, real estate experts recommend Cinco Ranch.

  1. Manvel

Despite the fact that Manvel is a place where the rent prices are higher compared to other neighborhoods, it is still a good sign that it features a strong rental market. One of the reasons why a lot of people choose to live in Manvel is that it has everything that you need. From spas to gyms to a restaurant, this neighborhood offers a lot of things going on.

Most importantly, the central part of Houston is just about half an hour away. In terms of finding a place for work, it is a delight to know that this area offers the second lowest unemployment rate in the city. This means that this city is safe, not just because of its low crime rate, but also in terms of looking for and keeping a job. 

  1. Oak Ridge North 

This community is known for its famous motto, “What a Hometown Should Be”. This community is small, yet very conducive for families. Imagine your kids running around safely in the neighborhood, or walk to the nearby schools. Despite the fact that Oak Ridge North may not have a lot of amenities, it is definitely among the safest places in the neighborhood. 

Oak Ridge North is well kept, charming, and just nearby Houston, where there are a lot of amenities available for everybody. It offers the best of both worlds – the calmness of a semi-private community, and the convenience of a neighborhood within the city.

  1. Greater Memorialmemorial - Houston

This neighborhood got its name from Memorial Drive, which is an east-west thoroughfare bisecting the area. The Memorial area is well recognized because of its forested communities, featuring a wide variety of amazing residential architecture.

This neighborhood also serves as home to a mixture of districts, including the CityCentre, Town & Country Village, as well as the Memorial City. A huge part of the Energy Corridor, which is a big business district that serves as home to a number of energy companies, overlaps with the rest of the West Memorial in the Eldridge Parkway area.

  1. Galleria – Uptown

The Uptown area is a business district that is located in Houston. It is bounded roughly by Woodway Drive to the north, with Richmond Avenue to the south. The Uptown district is recognized as the 17th biggest business district in the country, which is also comparable in size to the actual downtowns of Pittsburgh and Denver.

This district serves as home to over 2,000 companies, representing over 11% of the entire total space of Houston. This only means that owning a property in the area is not just comfortable, but also convenient, thanks to the area’s easy access to these business establishments.

Houston serves as home to a lot of things – culture, museum, wildlife, excellent food, entertainment, and a lot more.By choosing a home in one of the neighborhoods in Houston, you will definitely be able to secure one that will meet your needs and personal preferences. 

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