Arguably, Austin Texas is a beautiful place where many people would love to spend their years together with their loved ones. Although the Capitol is populated by many traditional lawmakers, Austin, Texas is a progressive sanctuary in the dependably red Lone Star state.

Cost of Living in Austin, Texas

Any people who have tried moving to another town see the importance of knowing the cost of living and crucial points. Nonetheless, being aware of how wide the paycheck can cover once you have moved to a new city is an essential concern for any relocating people or family.

If you are inclined to cheap housing prices, affordable health care, and feasible grocery bills, you would want to avoid cities that are high in cost of living. The good thing about Austin, Texas is that it still belongs to the list of cities that have the most affordable lifestyle – business, work, or play.

Costs in Austin, Texas

Austin is never behind in terms of development. That can be an interesting fact to the local economy. However, it can be a strict pill to take for individuals looking for a home where they can live peacefully and harmoniously. The median selling price in Austin ranges over the national average.

Nevertheless, the residents still get to enjoy the advantage of no corporate or personal income tax, as well as a reduced state and local tax cost. At the end of the day, people living in Austin, Texas appreciate the overall experience of living in the city.

Verifying the Figures from a Reliable Source                          

When contrasted to similar cities – in terms of primary businesses and communities, among other considerations – your paycheck can reach far in Austin, Texas. You are likely to spend lesser for utilities, transportation, healthcare, and other vital services such as housing and groceries. You can verify the figure on some reliable sources.

ACCRA, in particular, is a national organization that is committed to assist in economic development as well as policy analysis. The organization publicizes a yearly Cost of Living Index that lines up an array of living expenses in main cities. The pointer quantifies the differences between cities in terms of the cost of services and goods, lower taxes, and non-consumer expenses.

It also focuses on measuring related price levels for the goods and services in engaging areas.

Average Costs of Some Commodities

Although the cost of rental in Austin can be the most costly in Texas, it is still a bit cheaper when contrasted to the national average. The average rental cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in Austin is approximately $1,165, while the 2-bedroom apartment is approximately $1,716.  If you tried to compare these prices to those in New York or San Francisco, you would agree that Austin is still more liveable.

The average cost of some commodities is specified in the following: bread - $3.23, a gallon of milk - $1.82, a dozen of egg - $1.78, lunch - $15, gallon of gas - $1.80, transportation - $60, and movie ticker - $12.


Austin is one of the rapidly-progressive city areas in Texas. With a great economy and plenty of beautiful attractions, there is no wonder that the city is attracting more and more residents. However, the increasing population has triggered some concerns for home buyers with prices of housing that go over the national average.

For people who are planning to move to Austin, it will be smart if they can provide themselves some accurate facts about the cost of living. This will guarantee that they will have a smooth and harmonious living experience in the city.

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