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Austin real estate market continues to show momentum with 9th month of year-over-year increases in sales volume Austin Board of REALTORS® releases February 2012 real estate statistics AUSTIN, Texas – March 20, 2012 – According to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) report released today by the Austin Board of REALTORS®, 1,283 single-family homes were sold in the Austin area in February 2012, which is 16 percent more than February 2011. During the same time period, the median price for Austin-area homes was $195,000, three percent more than the same month of the prior year.

Leonard Guerrero, Chairman of the Austin Board of REALTORS®, commented, “For nine months in a row, Austin has seen year-over-year increases in sales volume. In addition, we also…

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VIP Realty - home valuesYou’ve taken the appropriate steps, did all your research, and spruced up your home until it sparkles. Think you’re done preparing for the sale of your home? Well, you are, provided you’ve found a realtor who is Internet savvy. In fact, an Internet savvy may just be your dream realtor. And here’s why:

  • An Internet savvy will get your property in front of buyers – Because the predominant trend with today’s buyers is their move toward the Internet, it is now more important than ever to make sure your realtor – and the real estate firm for which he or she works – is Internet savvy. In short, when buyers search for homes on the Internet, an Internet savvy realtor will make sure your property pops up every time.
  • An Internet savvy realtor will save you…

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VIP Realty - Real Estate ClientsHome buying is a stressful experience. And this statement is often repeated, ad nauseam, by home sellers everywhere. So, what can you do to ease the stress when selling your home? The short answer is: by hiring a great realtor.

Here are just a few of the ways a great realtor can reduce stress during your home selling process:

A great realtor will have a deep understanding of your goals (and a strategy for meeting these goals).

A seller’s realtor should ask questions and listen carefully when discussing a home seller’s goals. Selling a home isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and an experienced realtor will understand this. As such, your realtor should come to the table with a personalized marketing strategy for your home, based upon a number of…

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There are plenty of Austin areas to watch in 2012 and plenty of reasons why Austin continues to be popular destination for Texas families.

In addition to its strong housing market and increasing job market, Austin has become a highly desirable area in which to reside. But Austin has become desirable not only for its real estate, but for its bountiful supply of outdoor beauty and recreational activities.

Here are some of our favorites:

Austin Nature and Science Center Located within Zilker Park, the Austin Nature and Science Center is where Austin visitors and residents can explore all things natural. The Austin Nature and Science Center, which was established in 1960, has provided everything from nature exhibits to education programs for adults…

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mortgagesAs a first-time home buyer, you may be quite overwhelmed at the thought of obtaining a mortgage. There seems to be so many options, and the process of finding a home loan program and applying for it leaves you feeling nervous and more than stressed out! However, the mortgage process is not so intimidating if you take it one step at a time:

  1. Consider how much money you can spend on a new home – Before you even look at your first property, consider how much of a home you can afford. It simply doesn’t make sense to waste your time and build up your hopes, only to learn that you cannot afford as much of a house as your first thought. In addition to considering a monthly housing expense, add in the cost of taxes, as well as utilities and the cost of…

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If you must weave and dodge your way through your home to get from one room to another, it may be time to de-clutter it before selling.

Your home could be the prettiest four-bedroom colonial on the block, but if it is dirty or cluttered, buyers will have a difficult time appreciating your home. Cleaning and de-cluttering, although it requires a substantial amount of elbow grease and time, will pay off in the long run because buyers will have a better appreciation for your property. Plus, it will prepare you for the move by ridding your home of unwanted stuff! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Clear out all unnecessary clutter – From the stack of magazines beside your bed to the piles of unused toys in the corner of the family room, it is time to…

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