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Jacob Padilla, Realtor

My name is Jacob Padilla, I have been developing my passion for Real Estate since 2001. While attending the Art
Institute of Denver I needed a job to pay for school and by chance began working as a researcher and scout
for a distressed Real Estate investment firm. With my knack for absorbing, applying information, and
utilizing "out of the box" thinking I become somewhat of an expert on the different facets of the distressed Real Estate market. I eventually began identifying profitable investment opportunities for the firm, and ultimately participating in Mortgage and Tax foreclosure auctions on their behalf. Around that time I also simultaneously began working as a Mortgage loan officer. Through my experiences dealing with such a wide variety of complex loan scenarios over the years, I've gained a wealth of knowledge on the nuances of the Real Estate industriy as a whole. I have personally helped resolve numerous challenging issues for my clients, while sucessffully navigating through the financial crisis of 2008.

In 2013 with a great track record advising and assisting clients on succesful and profitable home
purchases from the mortgage side, I decided to switch gears from Loan Officer to Realtor.
As a Realtor I found my true calling. Empowered by the many years of varied experiences and
challenges; I've been able to bring tremendous value to my clients. I can confidently navigate through
complex scenarios for the best interest of my clients and identify profitable opportunities with a proven
track record of success.

I'm a Texas born Realtor from Lubbock TX and have been residing in the Austin Area since 2003. I'm
a father of two boys and enjoy exploring all the wonderful activities that the Austin area and Hill
country have to offer. I enjoy living a life lead by integrity, and I'm looking forward to putting my experience and strengths to work for you.

Jacob Padilla

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