Felicia Clark, Realtor

Greetings, Felicia Rogers Clark At Your Service, I received my Texas Real Estate License on May 13, 2010. Excitingly embracing My Career as A Professional Realtor, I was determined to be quickly equipped (per education requirements and training) with all of the necessary tools needed to help buyers and sellers(clients and customers); conceive, believe, and receive their keys, or achieve the selling of a no longer desired property in an expedient time frame. A native of Houston ,Texas yet I have had the privilege and pleasure to assist buyers and sellers (customers and clients) within The entire Texas Region: Austin, Central Texas, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Midland, and San Antonio. I currently reside in The Central Texas area. I am a member of Austin Board of Realtors, Texas Board of Realtors, and The National Board of Realtors, and I have access to homes, apartments, townhomes and condominiums within The Texas Region. I am knowledgeable and empowered, staying in tune with the changing times and trends. I look forward to helping You receive Your Keys or sell A Property that you no longer desire to own. If You are interested in finding the Perfect Home, Townhome, Apartment, or Condominium to lease, I am at Your Service. Whatever your needs may be, My tailored Professionalism will always be here for You. I'm determined to help You Make All Of Your Home Owning, Buying, and Leasing Dreams Come True! Respectively, Felicia Rogers Clark

Office Location: 700 Lavaca Suite 1400, Austin

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