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This a little heavier topic than most real-estate-centered blog posts, but in light of recent events it’s a conversation that needs to be had. If you’ve been paying attention to current events lately, you have probably heard of Beverly Carter’s tragic fate at the hand of Aaron Lewis. We all mourn the loss of a valued member of the real estate profession, while coming to the startling realization that this could have been any one of a number of agents. This wasn’t the first time an agent was fatally attacked – in 2011 agent Ashley Okland suffered a similar fate.

This brings to light so many questions and concerns for safety for real estate agents, particularly females, but it also raises questions for how possible changes in real estate operations

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There are many ways you can damage your chances of a successful home sale – poor staging, ignoring necessary repairs, skimping on the photography, etc. One of the easiest ways to ensure your property stays on the market for a long time is to fall prey to the allure of over-pricing. Many homeowners have an unrealistic idea of what their house is worth, and may even ignore the advice of a qualified Realtor who helpfully tries to suggest a more reasonable price based on current market value and comparable home sales. Here are a few reasons why sticking to your fantasy price can be disastrous…

Today’s buyers are smarter than you think they are.

The days of the slick seller pulling one over on an unsuspecting buyer are over. With the help of the

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Buying the right home for you takes more than knowing your price range and what area you’d like to live in. It also takes the right agent to help you find a place to make you happy.

Your best bet is to work with a VIP Realty agent. VIP agents have vast expertise in markets, market conditions, trends, and more. Our agents know that more homes are available than are actively advertised. When you work with a VIP agent and tell us what you’re looking for, and where you want to call home, we can help you find homes that are available, but not listed on public sites. This gives you the advantage of access to a deeply knowledgeable resource and improves your odds of getting the home you want most, without worrying about too much competition.

Our agents are

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Admit it, picking a real estate agent makes you nervous. Why wouldn't it? Your home is going to be one of your largest investments throughout your lifetime, and you want to find a quality Realtor who will make the most of your money for you. With all of the hype, marketing, friend referrals, client reviews, Internet searches, etc., it can be a daunting task to sift through the massive amounts of available information to find the agent that fits your needs. Where do you even begin? Here are 5 tips for picking the perfect Realtor:

1. Verify the license.

Each state licenses and disciplines real estate agents via a specific board. In Texas, that board is the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). You can easily determine if a prospective agent or

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Just because the dog likes sticking his head out the car window on the highway, don’t assume that moving is going to be as easy or fun for him. The truth is, pets can sense moving stress and can become confused quickly by a move. In fact, as many as a third of all moved pets get lost at least once because they become confused or disoriented. More than that, the physical transportation of pets can be hard on them, or even dangerous if you’re not prepared. Take a few tips from the American Humane Society to protect your pets during a move.

Get New Tags Before You Move

Remember what we just said about a third of pets getting lost? Well, many of those end up at animal shelters, unidentified and anonymous, and never find their families again. Dogs,

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The Best Steakhouse in San Antonio 

Located just north of San Antonio in the tiny town of Bulverde sits one of the best steakhouses in Texas; The Tejas Steakhouse & Saloon. The saloon itself is practically a western art gallery expertly decorated in authentic western pieces, paintings, and memorabilia. Atmosphere aside, if you take one bite into their famous “KC Steak”, a few nibbles of their “Green Pepper Mac & Cheese”, or a sip of just about any drink you could imagine from their bar selection, it’s easy to see how they were named Best Steakhouse in San Antonio by both SA Magazine and USA Today. 

   As if the award-winning steakhouse wasn’t enough to make you want to drop what you’re doing, jam the family in the car, and head off into the

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two government-backed mortgage lenders that were part of the major housing market implosion that occurred just a few, short years ago, are now part of a debate about whether these agencies are becoming obsolete.

President Obama recently said that it may be time to “wind down” these two agencies, and Republicans in the House say that mortgages should be funded primarily by private investors. However, the Senate recently proposed a bill that would still keep the government involved in the mortgage industry, thereby allowing individuals easier access to mortgages.

What is agreed is that, if the two government agencies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were eliminated, it would likely cost the consumer more to obtain a

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Not every remodel is a good one, as is evident by the many Americans who have made remodeling mistakes that cost them big. But getting a remodel right – the first time – can make your home more comfortable, stylish, functional—and more valuable. Here are the most common remodeling blunders and how you can avoid becoming a victim of one (or more) of them:

Not Taking Care of Architectural Issues

No one wants to deal with the large stuff when tackling the remodeling job, but ignoring the large flaws in a project will make your remodel look shabby and half-completed. For example, if you are taking on a kitchen remodel, and the windows in the room simply aren’t large enough to let in the natural light for which the kitchen requires, moving forward with

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If you want to sell your home quickly – and who doesn’t? – there are many things you should do to prepare your home and draw buyers in. But perhaps the best way to increase the odds of selling your home fast is to stage it. Staging is the art of preparing your home to look as attractive as possible.

If you want to stage your home, you must consider what buyers are looking for in a home and transform it to reflect this. Here are some tips for making sure your home is staged and ready to sell:

First Impressions

The first impression buyers will get of your home is the exterior as they drive past, so you will want to catch their attention the minute they pull up to the curb. You will want to make sure your home is not in need of painting or repair,

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VIP Realty Listing AgentsAn experienced seller’s agent is a hot commodity in today’s competitive real estate market. In short, if you want to sell your home for top dollar in the least amount of time you must seek the assistance of a seller’s agent who has plenty of experience selling homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area; and here’s why:

An experienced realtor will understand the importance of the Internet.

With the vast majority of buyers heading to the Internet to start their home search, finding a realtor who can get your home in front of the vast majority of sellers is very important. When searching for a seller’s agent, ask potential realtors about their Internet presence. If a real estate agent – and the company for which they work – does not have a solid Internet presence…
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