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Coffee. That’s usually all you have to say if you want to hear anyone say “Uh, yes, please.”

But where to get a great cup in a great atmosphere? Well, coffee joints are not just a 90s holdover, they’re still dynamite places to get in touch with your inner caffeine addict and get a mini-vacation without going too far away.

Caffe Medici

Just because a café is a chain, it doesn’t mean it’s not terrific. Between the vaunted Espresso Medici cappuccino and the precision with which the baristas make every cup ‒‒ seriously, they run every cup through a French press ‒‒ you’d have a hard time finding a mediocre drink here. Try a cup with a vegan energy bar, made by fellow Austin awesomeness purveyor, Bearded Brothers.


Over in East Austin,

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Austin is more than the capital of Texas, it’s the capital of the Texas craft beer world, which is (and we’re not just being biased here) cranking out some of the absolute best small-batch beers in the history of American beverages. And, Austin may be the best place in Texas to go for a pint, whether it’s brewed here or not. Here are some of the best places for a great beer in Austin, no matter what your taste.

1. Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

On Rainey Street is the perpetually sunny amber glow of more than 100 on-tap beers, surrounded by roomy seating and some kind of entertainment on an almost-daily basis. You can’t not find a brew you like here, and if you’re into delicious cured meats, try their handmade game sausages. Oh yes.

2. The

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When a hankering for a great beer (and maybe a burger, too) sets in, there’s little that can stop it. So why not indulge? Here are some of the best places for a great beer in Houston, no matter what your taste.


Kind of a newbie on the Houston beer scene, Underdogs boasts two things above all others: The passion of the two ex-bartenders who own it (so they know what you like) and the cheapest craft pints in the entire city. Their bottled brews are also pretty wide-ranging, including a few rare labels that will keep your taste buds on their toes.

Down House

Don’t let the comparatively short list of taps fool you.  Down House is about quality over quantity, and you can be assured that the handful of taps contain only the best (usually

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There’s no night out quite like one with live music, and there’s no hotter place to catch a band than Austin. Check out these sound environments for the best audio pleasure Austin can bring you.

The Elephant Room

So maybe you don’t think “jazz” when you think about Austin, but you should. And when you do, think of it at the Elephant Room, a cozy basement of a club with brick walls, low ceilings, and perfect seating.  


The White Horse

Prefer tattoos and rockabilly to jazz? You know Austin has you covered.  The White Horse is unapologetically dark and unadorned, apart from the glowing ruby-colored stage. This is the hub of Austin’s country music scene, and any band that plays to what would consider itself a honky-tonk crowd. White Horse

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We’ve all heard the ol’ chestnut that failing to plan is planning to fail. Well, even if that’s annoying to hear for the umpteenth time, it’s true. Without a direction, without a set of goals to aim for, you’re going to wander through your business trying to figure out what to do next.

Get Writing

Get out a pen and notebook, open a note on your phone, send yourself an email, or fingerpaint it on the wall of your home office, just make sure you write down your goals. Goals you tell yourself about have a way of sliding off into the ether unless they are given concrete form. Write them down and, preferably,

copy what you write. And keep your goals list in a spot where you’ll see them. Don’t put it in your “miscellaneous” folder and never look in

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Who doesn’t love a good happy hour? And Bryan-College station has plenty. Try these five on for size.

Atami Steak and Sushi

Considered not just the best hibachi in the area, but also the best happy hour in Aggieland.  Visit Monday through Thursday from 5-7 p.m. for $1.50 longnecks and discounted menu items. And if the chef isn’t Japanese, so what, the food gets top marks from pretty much everyone who’s ever eaten here.

Grub Burger Bar

It’s not just a great patio and great burger at Grub. They also have a terrific (and quite popular) happy hour, every day from 3-6 p.m. Grab $3 well drinks, domestics, and half- order cheese fries, or $4 craft pints, margaritas, wines, and half-order Ahi Tuna appetizers. And for $5, there are signature drinks,

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Ever get the vague sense that something in a movie looks familiar? Well, you’ve likely walked right through some of cinema’s more mainstream sets and never knew it. Or maybe you did know. In either case, here’s a list of some of the coolest movies ever to set up camp in Austin.

1. True Grit (2010)

While the original True Grit, starring John Wayne, is a Hollywood legend in its own right, 2010’s revisiting of the classic tale of a grizzled cowboy helping a young girl find justice is roundly considered one of the best remakes of the past 25 years. And if you’re familiar with Austin and its surroundings, you already know why the city was the ideal location for this Texas classic.

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Admittedly, Texas could use a

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You might have heard rumors to the effect that Christmas and the holiday season are around the corer again. Well, in between fighting the mall traffic, frantic plan-making, and ‘Yeah, I’ll just have one more cookie,” you might want to catch one of Austin’s great holiday shows. Here’s some of the lineup you can catch before 2015 sets in.

1. The Nutcracker, Dec. 6-23, Dell Hall

Kick off the holidays with the legendary Nutcracker. Ballet Austin brings what is probably the most famous Russian ballet ever written, to  Dell Hall, at the Long Center for the Performing Arts, starting Dec. 6. Unlike other renditions of The Nutcracker, this one runs for multiple performances, through December 23. So there’s no good reason to pass this one up (not like there

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Are you surprised that Austin, of all places, has some great pizza shops? Of course you’re not. Forgive us for asking. How about we go get a slice of pizza and talk it over at one of these places?

East Side Pies

Thin crust makes a pizza a thing of beauty to talk about forever. And East Side Pies has the thinnest crust in the whole city. They also have a variety of sauces for the adventurous (like the Fast Pie, which has spinach curry sauce, sausage, and feta cheese). But don’t worry, you can still get a red sauce pizza any time you want.

Home Slice

Everybody from Austin knows about Home Slice Pizza. Or at least they should. This South Congress landmark is a must-visit stop if you’re looking in or visiting Austin, and it’s a

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There’s something about food trucks that makes grabbing a bite kind of like a scavenger hunt. And since Bryan-College Station is a college area, food trucks are abundant and delicious. These five food trucks are worth the trip around Aggieland, for sure.

Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro

Chef Tai’s might just be the pinnacle of food truck dining. And in this case, that’s a lot more impressive than it might sound. Usually parked on the A&M campus, Chef Tai’s has garnered the attention (and praise) of the Food Network for its off-beat blend of international cuisines. Where else can you choose from barbecued pulled pork sandwiches and tofu Florentine?



Not a breakfast truck, but rather an unending exercise in excellent eats in the

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